This Is Your Chance To Finally BEAT THE BOOKS Without Braking The Bank!

My Sportsbook Premium Pick Shares Opportunity Makes This Possible.

How This Works:
This is very simple. I pay for premium memberships at multiple top handicapper monitor sites. These are sites that track handicappers win/loss records. I filter through each sport separately for the best possible results and only select picks from cappers that have a minimal of 70% winning record for the past 30 days for each sport.  This high win ratio filter eliminates a lot of picks but gives us the best odds of winning. I mark the winning percentage of each pick inside the members area so you can make your best betting decisions. For example you might want to throw a little more on a pick if it is marked with a  85% - 90% ratio.

If I notice several cappers have the same game with different results, that pick is scratched. For the picks to make it to my list none of them can contradict another. In fact the majority of my picks come from multiple cappers choosing the same pick.

I usually get around 5 - 10 picks every day, but I do my homework to eliminate any picks that I'm not 100% comfortable with. I only send out my top picks usually 2 - 5 picks a day. The picks I send are filtered and very solid.

Do you guarantee wins?
I wish I could, but Nobody can guarantee wins in sports betting. Even the best of the best cappers have loosing streaks. What I offer though is quality picks from multiple top handicappers with at least a 70% winning record over a 30 day period and share them with my members to minimize the guesswork and to give you the best chance to win.

I post my picks daily inside the members area and also send out my daily picks direct to your email, You Place Your Bets, Set back and Collect Your Winnings! There Is Absolutely Nothing else You Have To Do.

  100% SCAM FREE!,
  Works With Any Sportsbook (Online or In-Person)
   Nothing Else Required. Just Collect Your Winnings.
Anyone Can Do This. No Sports Knowledge Required!


1 Time Purchases Only
Pick's to All Sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey)

Note* Most other services charge per day what I charge for a month, and for 1 week what we charge for a year.

By placing your order you agree to our No Refund policy.

All picks will be posted inside the members area and sent to your email. If no email is entered we will send to the email associated with your payment.

  1 Month - $34
Best email to send picks

  3 Months - $89
Best email to send picks

  6 Months - $139
Best email to send picks

1 Year - $219
Best email to send picks

Disclaimer: Sports betting is risky and comes with the chance of loosing money. While nobody can guarantee the outcome of any sporting event, we simply take the guesswork out of it and drastically increase your odds of winning.

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