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Welcome net marketers.

This page is just for you to explain how this works.

Just Imagine....

No more buying expensive business opportunities that you will typically never make a dime from.

No more paying for ads, No more sending emails, No more dealing with anything related to trying to make money online like you have been.

How you might ask?

Step #1

Get over the Gambling part.

 Marketing is pretty much gambling too people just don't like to think of it that way.

Spend $25 on a ad here, $15 on a ad here, $40 on another ad over here. You may or may not ever make that money back.  Get my point.

Enough of that.  For full details on how this works visit the Home Page Here.

Example of what you can achieve:

Conservative approach. Deposit just $100 to start with.  Now let's assume you get 3 picks for each day.

Place $25 on each 3 of the picks we send you. If you win all 3 which does happen you just made about $70 profit.

For those of you that are complete new to sports betting the sportsbook has to get theirs too so there is a fee you pay when placing a bet. Example if you see -110 that means you have to bet $110 to win $100. When you see +100 You bet $100 to win $110. Now you will also see a heavy favorite to win team at -220 or -300. That means you have to put $300 to win $100. These spreads vary greatly.

We typically try to stay away from the heavy favored games, anything over -150 is a pass unless it's a top rated pick.

Back to the approach.  So now your $100 bankroll is around $170

Now let's assume you won 2 out of the 3.  Your bankroll will be around $146 ---- Still up about $46

Now if you loose all 3 ( Not Likely ) but it can happen from time to time. Well unfortunately your now down to $25 and that sucks, but the good news is your not done. You will just start your next day placing $5 & $10 bets and build it back up from there.

Most likely you will win 2 out of 3. This happens quit frequently. I have personally started with $100 and turned it into over $1,000 in just over a week. It is possible.

Now I will be honest. It is much better if you can start with more.  If you can afford it try to deposit $250 - $500, or even $1,000. The larger your bankroll, the more you can make.. Fast!

If you can start with $500 you will be placing $50 - $100 a game. The winnings adds up FAST. When your account gets to $2,000+ you can now throw down $250 - $300 a game or more depending on the picks.

Keep in mind the examples above are assuming you only get 3 picks a day. There will be days you get 3-4 and there will be days you get 4-6

I just wanted to show you how this works. Bottom line is you will make money.

Note* This strategy could bankrupt you without good picks! 

I only use this model with our picks because I personally use them and know this works.

I know this all might sound overwhelming to some, but trust me it's not. If you follow the steps on the getting started page you will be ready to place your first bet within 30 min to an hour. Of course depending on when you sign up you will need to wait for your picks.

I've been saying "I" alot. I didn't want to bore you with a long story about myself, but if you are interested and want to know about who I am and how I got started click here.

Otherwise I suggest you get started Right Away. 


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